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Coaching and Mentoring

The Open Channel offers Coaching and Mentoring support to individuals and groups, both face to face and online by email, Skype and telephone. Here we explain our approach to coaching and mentoring so that you can decide if it offers the right kind of support for you and your teams.

What is the difference between Coaching and Mentoring?

Definitions vary, but at The Open Channel we make a distinction between coaching and mentoring which can help you decide which kind of support you need

Coaching is offered for people needing generic support in a leadership role to help them tackle difficult challenges or improve their performance. Coaching can also be helpful when individuals are facing a change in role, have recently joined or are soon to leave an organisation.

We are able to offer coaching to teams to help them tackle specific challenges at times of unusually complex change, or to help them improve their collective performance.

All our coaches have substantial experience of working at the most senior levels in organisations. They have been trained in coaching at postgraduate level, receive regular professional supervision and are members of an accredited organisation.

Mentoring is offered when professionals and specialists need the support of a peer who can help them through shared experience. They are able to listen, challenge, share ideas and offer guidance.

Our mentors are very experienced senior people nationally recognised as leaders in their field. They are known for their wisdom, insight, professional achievements and deep knowledge. Some of our mentors may be qualified coaches and may offer coaching as part of their mentoring practice.

How does coaching work at The Open Channel?

Face to Face coaching is offered in two hour sessions at a location to suit the client. We would normally recommend a series of at least three coaching sessions followed by a review before more are contracted.

We offer a choice of coaches and an introductory telephone call before the first meeting. Our fee includes email and telephone support between face to face sessions.

Online coaching by email, Skype or telephone is a flexible method designed to respond to both immediate and ongoing needs. We offer a minimum hourly session which can be extended to one and a half hours maximum.
A choice of coaches is available, and we offer an exchange of emails before the first telephone call. We will follow up an online coaching session with a short email summary of key points.


The Open Channel approach is based on the belief that people and organisations are inherently strong, and that by supporting strengths we can find better and more sustainable solutions.

We ask all Coaching and Mentoring clients to undertake a Strengthsfinder analysis which will give us a shared view of the key strengths of individual participants.

How can I get find out more?

We welcome enquiries about our Coaching and Mentoring Service.

Please contact Janet Dean on 07789 067131 or Steve Loraine on 0791 905 4001 or email

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Steve works with passion and conviction to help organisations improve their visions, performance and outcomes, using leading edge appreciative and strengths-based approaches to involve employees and customers in shaping great services.

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Janet DeanJanet Dean

Janet draws on deep knowledge to generate fresh ideas and suggest ways to solve problems. She believes we can achieve more by sharing ideas and working out solutions together. Janet values individuals for who they are, and build on strengths to get the best out of people and organisations.

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