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Appreciative Inquiry

Appreciative Inquiry helps your transformations

How can you discover and harness the best of what works? What are some of the most effective ways to generate compelling visions for your organisation? Which are most provocative statements that you can design to describe your vision and shape your transformation actions? And who in your organisation provides innovative and inspirational leadership of change?

These and many other questions can be answered by using Appreciative Inquiry (AI), a world-view and generative methodology used by organisations and communities to achieve sustainable and lasting improvement and change.

Appreciative Inquiry is a comprehensive, challenging, realistic and evidence-based approach that starts and ends with the people in your organisation not external ‘experts’; your stories of challenge and success; your hopes for the future; your best efforts at designing and then delivering what you require. It really does challenge us to articulate what we want, not what we don’t want and then offer us ways to achieve a better future.

AI does not ignore failure or problems; in fact it encourages us to talk about these things, understand them and learn from them. AI offers us ways to improve, to release our imagination and try new ways of making progress and abandon old and unsatisfactory methods. AI inspires mutual imagination, innovation and creative thinking, side-steps habitual obstacles and ineffective ways of thinking about challenging issues, thus promoting positive action.

The evidence is compelling and growing – we can learn most from the experiences that generate the greatest challenge. If we can capture the positive and generative learning from those and harness what works for us, what we’d like to see more of and create focused and innovative actions, then we can achieve the change we desire.


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Steve LoraineSteve Loraine

Steve works with passion and conviction to help organisations improve their visions, performance and outcomes, using leading edge appreciative and strengths-based approaches to involve employees and customers in shaping great services.

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Janet DeanJanet Dean

Janet draws on deep knowledge to generate fresh ideas and suggest ways to solve problems. She believes we can achieve more by sharing ideas and working out solutions together. Janet values individuals for who they are, and build on strengths to get the best out of people and organisations.

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